Forced to Install Location Tracking Apps

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Today in privacy news, Firefox data reveals that is shares the telemetry data it collects with marketing companies, Avast Antivirus caught in a data selling spree and two nation states are now rolling out live facial ID alearting police ot POIs. But if they just forced everyone to install apps, they would know where everyone is already!

Under $50 Bucks a Night?
Today in Business News, a senator asks Tesla to fix autopilot, apple working on a totally non-repairable mac, and a new subscription service is released to help with internet ads and more news. Our feature story is an Atari themed hotel to be constructed in Phoenix.

Robot Dog APIs…What will Third Parties Do?
Today in Evil Tech news, the Ring doorbell contains many trackers for many marketing firms, fitbit has new payment plans, and researchers warn about AI cancer diagnosis. Our feature story is that Boston Dynamics will now open up their robotic dogs for third party APIs…what will third parties come up with?

Vegans Need a Meat Patch to Kick the Habit
This week in Sillyville, Maryland makes ransomware a crime…cause Baltimore? Also, emojis could be on license plates soon, the FSF wants Windows 7 code released, Peta wants Punxsutawney Phil to retire, and vegans need a meat patch to kick the meat habit.

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