Does a Mozilla-Comcast Deal Comfort You?

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Does a Mozilla-Comcast Deal Comfort You?
This week in Privacy News, Google pushes it’s password checkup tool to other Google properties. Also, Andrew Yang wants big data to pay you for your data. #Safari now supports passwordless login and #TikTok snoops on your Apple clipboard. Finally, this Firefox / Comcast deal makes me want to delete #Firefox.

Net Neutrality Takes Another Blow
This week in Business News, #Apple responds to Hey with a new way to appeal app rejections, #Amazon kills another project, and web skimmers are now hiding in Google Analytics! Also, a new a pair of new bills has big tech watching congress, and #Charter lays another blow to Net Neutrality.

Apple P2P Lost Item Finder
This week in Smart Tech News, #YouTube Music holds your smart speaker ransom, and #Fandando helps you find a social-distancing movie theatre. Also, a slew of apple news including #CarKey models and using the Apple iDevices as P2P services to find your location beacons.

Amazon Named an Arena WHAT?!?
This week in SillyVille, TV writers are talking about social distancing in programs, #Nirvana trained an AI, and #Samsung bluray players are stuck in a boot loop. Also, a hacker gets dosed trying to restore old equipment and #Amazon gets the award for the most WOKE arena name.

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