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Peppermint is best described as a Linux distro for web-based workers.  This distro can replace the lightweight Chromebook computers in that those systems are also designed as web-based computers.  The OS uses a program feature called Ice to package web-based applications into a dedicated window allowing shortcuts to specific web-based services like Dropbox, Gmail, and more.  Peppermint is one of the Linux distros based on the very light weight LXDE desktop environment, but it boasts excellent style out of the box.  The entire system runs only 500 MB of RAM making it smooth to run on the new micro PCs and other low system resource computers.  Peppermint uses the Nemo file manager that I like the most in my distros due to the wide configuration options available on the explorer window.  Taken together, Peppermint OS does achieve its goal of competing with the Chromebook.

On the negative side, Peppermint is a newer OS with a smaller following meaning that the online community is still growing, but a lot of the issues you may have could be resolved with Ubuntu or LXDE communities.  I also would like to see more options in the Settings panel, but for what this distro brings, I highly recommend it.

PeppermintOS is for the computer user who uses a lot of web-based software and for those who want a stylish computer but have lower system resources.

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  • LXDE