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OpenSUSE is one of the older distros that is popular among advanced Linux users.  The stability of the OS and the maturity stand out as some of the contributing factors for its popularity.  The installation of the system has some differences from some other platforms I have worked with.  First, you can chose a rolling release of the most up to date kernel and packages or just the most stable system as your core.  Next, unlike many distros, you can choose which desktop environment is installed when you get started.  They do have a little more complicated of a recommended installation, though I used a Live Key since I was only installing on a VirtualBox as a simple test.  Finally, the YaST administration makes setting up the configurations easy on the GUI unlike many other distros.

The problems I encountered with OpenSUSE were not deal-breakers for using the system, but do force me to recommend it for advanced computer users.  The distro is missing (or hiding very well) a good graphical software center for browsing packages.  It does contain a software manager similar to the Synaptic Package Manager on Debian distros which is what I generally prefer but that is a more advanced tool.  Additionally, the online resources are not as unified as they are for Ubuntu-based software, so getting help may be a little trickier.

Overall, I like the clean look and the system maturity, but for the reasons I stated, I would recommend OpenSUSE for the person who is more comfortable with computers.

Desktop Environments:

  • KDE (Default)
  • MATE
  • Cinnamon
  • Enlightenment
  • Xfce
  • LXDE