KDE with OpenSUSE

Version: 5.7.4


Desktop Website:


Distro Website:



KDE is a desktop environment I did not think I would like, but after playing with the system for a little while I realized how powerful it can be.  KDE is very customizable, full of amazing widgets that I envision will help my web design run smoother, and it contains some very sleek desktop themes.  I looked at this theme on top of OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, but the KDE foundation has recently released it’s own distro called Neon that be interesting for someone looking for an Ubuntu-based distro.  The KDE system is for the person who wants a modern user interface but also the ability to fully customize the desktop to meet their specific needs.  It is requires a little higher learning curve and a little getting used to because the folders are one click to open unlike most desktop environments requiring two clicks, so it may not be for the novice computer user unless you are willing to take some time to learn the system.



  • Modern UI
  • Highly Customizable
  • Multiple Menu Options
  • Mature Environment


  • System Resource Heavy
  • Atypical 1-Click Interaction
  • Difficult for Beginners