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We are in a world of instant gratification.  Whether our gratification is for the fastest internet speeds or food delivered in under three minutes our modern convenience has given us too much stock in what we want.  Life is not about giving us everything right now, and that breeds in us a desire for seeking our own purpose, our own pleasure, and our own will.  But such things are not what is intended and our modern generation has grown up getting their desires as fast as possible without concern for anything else.  Just look at the reactions of many people in this generation: rude, wild, and rebellious.  Why is this a topic for Tin Foil Hat Time? Because this is the end result of business that hooks consumers based on models of addiction, not on moral principles that are supposed to guide free enterprise.

Our world has been moving toward instant gratification for a while now, and it is a slow moving process.  The industrial revolution was just the first step toward this move, but the digital revolution has brought us access to the world, but it also brought the world access to us.  It was bad enough in the 1980’s when fast food chains were bringing us instant food at the detriment of our health, but it also included giving us exactly the food we wanted, made how we wanted it, and without any wait.  Fast forward today and we get all that plus any flavor of soda including flavor spikes, free refills, and we can pay instantly by waving our phone over the register.

But the fast food industry is not the only industry feeding our desire for instant gratification.  Our entertainment has given us instant access to nearly any movie or television series without the wait as long as we give a streaming service our credit card on autopay.  We can put any program on any device at any time and binge every program in the season.  We no longer need a DVR to record the program.  Waiting for the programs to air would take too long, and this is why cable services are declining in subscription rates but streaming services are on the rise.  Such instant access gives us the desire to fulfill every need.

The internet itself has become the fuel for our instant gratification.  We can access any document, file, video, or text with the strike of a few keys.  This can lead us to better efficiency or destruction of our life.  The internet provides the media for instant music, instant movies, instant downloads.  And now we have it everywhere.  We have instant access to fast internet in the palm of our hands insstantly.  We have computers, phones, hotspots everywhere, and we cannot escape the internet and the instant access to the world.

The Problem with Instant Gratification

The real problem with instant gratification is makes us impatient.  In our impatience we seek more personal gratification when things are not going the way we want.  This will cause us to seek pleasure in times we should be working, or seek pleasure in times of boredom.  We have to watch another episode, download another song, or worse, we could turn to pornography for gratification.  Either of these options can lead to forms of addiction that will get in the way of our life, destroy our relationships, and wreck our lives.  We have to take an active stand for ourselves against instant gratification.

Doing Battle with Instant Gratification

To fight instant gratification we need to take a few steps with our technology and a few steps not related to technology.  Below are my tips.

Low Tech

  1. Use longer lines at the grocery store to expand your patience.
  2. Do you budgeting, scheduling, and other tasks on paper.  You may want to integrate with computer systems, but plan everything on paper.
  3. Use cash rather than credit cards or debit cards.
  4. Read real books instead of digital books when you can.

Technology Related

  1. Do manual backups at least once a month.  Do not fully rely on pure automation.
  2. Leave the phone at home sometimes.
  3. Use streaming services only occasionally.
  4. Use a phone only for on-the-move internet
  5. Set specific internet-free times.

You will notice all of these solutions take more time, remove automation from your life, and take discipline to achieve.  Discipline is the core root of the cause and is antithetical to instant gratification.


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