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Today in Privacy News, a privacy-focused communication app leaked all info for several years, two ISPs leak massive amounts of customer information, a VPN scrapes user data, and a Google exercise app pins a biker as a burgler.
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Is Your Store Going Cashierless?
Today in Business News, Microsoft did a good thing and killed a botnet and yelp took down several fake reviewer accounts. A report shows how pricy cable bills are, clearview is sued in Vermont, and UK introduces a search tax! Amazon is selling the new cashierless technology to other stores.
#Microsoft #Amazon #Clearview

Just Much Footage does Ring Record?
Today in Tech News, hackers can clone millions of keys for cars, Google teams up with adidas for a fitness tracker, apple watch has more tracking features, and Google cripped some Amazon TV apps, and Ring shows you data from before the motion triggered!
#Google #Amazon #Ring

Yahoo is Back for Another Round!
Today in SillyVille, Twitch streamers are making money sleeping, a new extension wants to share your streaming passwords. Elon takes a swing at Apple, but you can clean the viruses off your phone according to new documentation. Also, Yahoo is back again for another failed business. Sign up now before its too late!
#Streaming #Apple #Yahoo

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