Companies and EARN IT from the Gov’t with the KIDS Act

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Non-sense: The govt can EARN IT
This week in Privacy News, a free WiFi network exposes all sorts of sensitive data to an unsecured Amazon database, Ring stores data on about everything, DuckDuckGo releases source code to their data tracking tool and spotify starts testing voice activation! Our chief story is the details surrounding the EARN IT act to make companies earn their section 230 protections.
#Ring #Duckduckgo #EARNIT

One Bad Apple Computer
This week in Business News, Windows 10 to remove live tiles from the start menu, and Alibaba can detect the Kung Flu with 96% accuracy. Also, Apple is totally dependant on China for manufacturing, and they have to pay 500 Million dollars for throttling phones.
#Windows10 #Alibaba #Apple

Introducing RoboPriest
This week in Smart Tech News, Plume tests new motion detection mesh networks, Apple will be allowing ads via push notifications, and a security researcher gets his mom to break into a prison. Our feature story a discussion about the possibility of robotic priests for all your religious requirements.
#Plume #Apple #RoboPriest

Simulating Socialism
This week in Sillyville, the SETI project goes on hold, the new KIDS act is proposed, and parents let their 11yo drive because he was playing too much GTA! Our feature story is a new game that is a democratic socialism simulator, and there is even a Linux version!
#SETI #GTA #2020Election

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