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Raspberry Pi Wireless Access Point

This tutorial will show you how to extend your wireless network with a Raspberry Pi. For this tutorial, I am using a Raspberry Pi 4, 4GB model in a SounFoundry Acrylic case. I am powering the Pi with a standard 5V, 2A charger, which is enough to power this headless Pi without any other attachments. […]

Fixing Bad Audio in a Video File

Today we will talk about how to swap an audio track in a video. The concept is simple: a video is really a ‘movie’ stream, and at least one ‘audio’ stream. The video player software will select the proper audio stream based on the meta data. Our process is the following: Extract the video to […]

PiHole: A Comprehensive Guide

This tutorial will walk you through installing and setting up pihole, configuring blocklists, and setting your router to use pihole for DNS requests. What is PiHole? PiHole is a local DNS server and blacklist device that you can use on your local network to manage DNS, block ads and marketing trackers, and other specific websites. […]

Adding Desktop Icons to Plasma

Plasma is an excellent Desktop Environment, but recent versions have removed the traditional Home, Trash, Network, and Computer icons from the system. This tutorial will help you restore them. Why did they go away? I am not sure, it may have to do with the experiments with their new folder view for the desktop, which […]

Installing TWRP to an Android Phone

This video will show you the steps to customize the phone. While I have had a lot of success flashing phones, there is a chance of breaking a phone by installing custom software. I cannot be help liable for anything that happens to your device. Here is the phone I am using here: Nexus 5X […]

Your 2020 Guide to Hardening Firefox

This is a simple guide and video on how to harden your #Firefox browser. While this tutorial is displayed on Linux, it also works for #Windows and #Mac Notes on Firefox Hardening: Plugins: uBlock Origin (Raymond Hill) Privacy Badger HTTPS Everywhere Options: New Windows and Tabs should be blank to prevent a site from knowing […]

Am I Too Paranoid?

Am I too paranoid? I have been asked that question on a few comments, but sometimes in emails or on chats. Some people just think that I take my privacy a little too seriously. I learned that the website has a list of top Linux Youtubers, and I was in the list… the post […]

Why I Still Use Linux Mint

It is no secret that Linux Mint is my favorite Linux distribution. From the first time I saw it, I went from, ‘Yep, Linux will Work’ to ‘WOW! Linux may be perfect!’ What caused such a revelation? Why is this the perfect distro for me? Well, these are my reasons. You will have your own […]

Installing Pamac on Arch With Yay

If you are searching the internet for how you might install the easy GUI package manger Pamac onto your Arch install, be aware most of the instructions out there are still using Yaourt which is no longer being maintained.  Fortunately there are many other AUR helpers out there to pick from, and this set of […]

Cookie Management

Most of us have heard about cookies in the context of computers or the Internet, but most of us do not have a grasp of what they are.  I was asked to record a video about cookies directly in response to my video on Facebook Wants to Know Everything, so here goes a little more […]


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