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Croc-pot Solutions for Microwave Problems

Our culture is too focused on what we want now. This article talks about the problem and looks for some solutions.

Internet Best Practices are Not Taught in School -Tin Foil Hat Time 27

Internet Best Practices are not taught in schools during a period of time when students are handed computers and required to setup accounts. This guide will help to instruct all people, including students, on how to best handle some basic internet best practices.

Corporatocracy – A Corporate Oppression of the World

I am mad; mad at large companies for the rape of the landscape, mad at abusing customers because they have the legal ground or the finances to fund lawyers until their opponent crashes.  I am mad at companies collecting data, storing data, and not being open about hacks, and treating people as widgets; units of […]

The American has Nothing to Hide – TFHT19

“I have nothing to hide” has become the bane of my existence.  I hear this statement uttered all the time, usually after a brief pause of thought after I explain why I prefer to use cash, don’t use shoppers club cards, or don’t sign up to the latest subscription service.  One conversation happened because someone […]

Lost Sheeple’s Response to Facebook and Social Media – TFHT 18

“Find me on Facebook!” is one of the most common phrases currently uttered at meetups and parties.  It is so assumed that everyone is on Facebook that both iPhone and Android have account setup items in the settings control panel so you can allow the company to sync to everything on the phone.  Of course […]

Dangers of Bio-metric Tracking – Tin Foil Hat Time 17

Have you ever watched the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report?  The future society portrayed in that film was one where bio-metric tracking was used to both track and market to the populous.  The movie did not go as far as we are moving in our society as retinal identification seemed to be the major way […]

Dumbed Down by Technology – Tin Foil Hat Time 16

Remember the times when a car GPS was not a common device…or a device at all and we had to follow directions to our destination?  I once had a friend who lived on a back road and we circled the country roads several times before we finally found the place.  Of course we did not […]

The Plan to Break Encryption – Tin Foil Hat Time 15

I wear clothes and you probably also do, because privacy is important.  While on the topic I also have curtains on my windows and keep my car locked.  These are the typical initial arguments for encryption, and for the most part they are valid.  Our interest in privacy is important and our right to privacy […]

Duping the People Through Public Relations – Tin Foil Hat Time 14

You know the drill.  A company does the most hair-brained thing ever, heaps embarrassment upon itself, and then issues a press release to assure the world that the company has not lost its ever-loving MIND!  In many cases, it was a low level guy who has indeed gone astray and the company fixes the issue, […]

Buying and Selling Your Personal Health Data – TFHT 13

I am sometimes a health nut.  You know the type: when I want to get in shape I keep logs, map my runs, record my reps, and look at the data.  I moved into the direction of better health almost a decade ago, right around the advent of the smartphone, and probably a year or […]

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