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Your Check Body Light Illuminates

Your Check Body Light Illuminates This week in the Privacy News, Google enables end-to-end encrypted messages, a new smart lock connects to Amazon, and Facebook starts testing ads in VR. Ireland has a new dystopian search bill and the new trend in smart devices is a “Check Engine” light for your body. We also look […]

Apple Becoming More Invasive

Apple Becoming More Invasive This week in Privacy News, we see some ways we could get around Clearview AI and Facebook is developing a smart watch. Also we look at several ways Apple is getting worse for privacy. We also look at some security and data leak stories. Insurance Games This week in the Business […]

Windows Getting Naggy Again

Amazon Wants Your Movement Health This week in Privacy News, some positive privacy news out of MT and MD, Ring will require police requests to be public, and Apple pretends to care about privacy some more. Also, Chrome wants to save us from bad extensions, Google location privacy case was unredacted, and Amazon Halo wants […]

DMCA for Torrenting Ubuntu?

Google’s Health Algorithms This week in Privacy News, we look at the XBox One requiring an Internet connection to play offline games…to “check in”. Also, Clearview takes another hit in the EU and the Snowden revelations have been deemed illegal in UK. Finally, Google will be using health data for developing Algorithms…what could go wrong! […]

Data Privacy That Isn’t

Data Privacy That Isn’t This week in Privacy News, we see an update to the Audacity tracking, Google doing some creepy things, and the military will be monitoring soldier’s social media accounts. Finally, we look at the new data protection bill that doesn’t protect anything. We also look at some security updates. Two Additions to […]

Signal Trolling Facebook

Signal Trolling Facebook This week in Privacy News, Vizio makes more selling your personal data than it does on televisions, most people opt out of ad tracking on iOS, and Facebook – Instagram connection questioned in Germany. Finally, Signal wants to show people just how much data Facebook collects on people, and Facebook wont be […]

Betrayed by Your Old Number

Betrayed by Your Old Number This week in Privacy News, Google will follow Apple in privacy labels for apps, and Facebook says data collection keeps Facebook free. Also, Google is expanding assistant into a messenger, inside the voice profiling revolution, and hackers now take your old number to track you. We also include some tech […]

Driver Monitoring for All

Driver Monitoring for All This week in the Privacy News, Bose no longer requires an account to use their app, Apple AirDrop leaks personal data, and Google’s COVID app could leak data. Also, the government wants to put driver monitoring in every car on the road. We also look at some smart and security news. […]

Linux Kernel Bans University of MN

United State Postal Spies This week in Privacy News, we look at an update to the Google Location data case, more companies are not flying with the FLoC, and legislators around the world are taking a regulatory shot at facial recognition while Disney doubles down on facial recognition software. Finally, the USPS has been spying […]

Google Grabs for Health Records

Google Grabs for Health Records This week in Privacy News, we see some updates to FLoC, clubhouse leaks user data, and Apple creates a Telescreen. Also the FCC wants us to send them our Internet speeds and Google takes another jump into the health records business. Amazon Robo-Workers This week in Business news, another Linux […]


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