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Biometric Data Leaks

In today’s Privacy News, now FACEBOOK wants in on the action of giving your audio transcripts to people…while this has caused Apple and Google to stop and (almost) stop the practice, Microsoft DOUBLES DOWN and adds that it will happen in the privacy policy!! We also get tips on syncing every bit of health data […]

Microsoft wanted in on the act, too!

This week in the privacy news, I called it! Police have access to your Ring doorbell feeds…yep. Also, is it good or bad that Juul wants your federal ID to use their app to smoke some vape…umm…can a camera really take your blood pressure..and more…but finally, Microsoft was feeling left out and wanted to participate […]

Police Know If You Have an Amazon Ring, and Could Get Your Data

In privacy news, an EU court says website owners could be responsible for sending data to Facebook with share buttons, Netflix tracks your physical activity, and Google will stop listening to your device recordings, at least until after the lawsuit! We also learned this week that facial recognition is being deployed in schools and camps […]

Facebook Let’s Your Kids Talk to Strangers!

This week in privacy news, yet another AI to manipulate your pictures….but they PROMISE not to do anything with them. We also have another fight mounting over encryption, but Facebook must be back in the news…for letting your KIDS talk to STRANGERS! #Facebook #WatsonAI #Encryption This week in business news, pinterest wants to help your […]

Elon Musk’s New Neuralink Company

This week in the privacy news, Germany bans cloud services in schools, Alexa integrates deeper into Windows, and Faceapp is taking over the world…but this is all nothing next to Elon Musk’s latest company! #ElonMusk #Faceapp #Windows10 In business news this week, a new startup wants to take up bike lanes with delivery robots, 737 […]

Superscary Unblockable Email Location Tracker!

This week in Privacy News, the internet outage this week shed some light on Facebook’s AI image tagging and Alexa keeps your data foorrrrr-evvver–errrrr! Also, is your monthly cycle being sold to scientists?  Find out here! And we will also talk about Superhuman email app that does not prevent your email from sending a read […]

Google’s Smart City Plan Released! – Weekly News Roundup

This week in Privacy News, Axon will not use facial recognition in police body cams, Cortana may be removed from Windows 10 core, but Google has released its plan for a smart city….good feeling gone! In business news, a former FCC commissioner gets jail time, iRobot buys a robotic education company, and a Methodist hospital […]

Surveillance as a Service – Weekly News Roundup!

In privacy news this week, there is talk about building a global DNA threat database….should we all go live in the woods now? But fear not!  Amazon will find us with their new Surveillance as a Service! #Amazon #DNA #BigData In the business world this week, would you talk delivery of a pizza from a […]

Facebook now Pays You for MORE DATA!

The data hungry algorithms of Facebook are starving for more food private data, so the company will now take the defunct vpn/teen-spy-tool and offer it up to sheople adults now! Would you let Facebook pay you for more of your data?  Also, we look at the government contractor leak, facial recognition sunglasses, and a new […]

Microsoft’s Secret Facial Recognition Database

In privacy news this week, should we track everything our new baby does? If so, should we use apps? Also, Facebook is launching a cryptocurrency, Google can track your speed in real time, and Microsoft silently deletes a massive facial recognition database that was used to train military AI! #Microsoft #FacialRecognition #Facebook In business news, […]


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