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LBRY: I jumped from the Dumpster Fire

I gave LBRY, a new video platform a try, but I decided it was not a good platform for a variety of users. This is the correspondence I wrote to them when I left the platform: My Letter Dear Lbry, I wish to close my account and have nothing to do with your service. While […]

Windows 10 Failures, and Big Brother Google Chrome

Windows 10 Failures In privacy news, the Healthcare Industry is still awash with leaks and security breaches, but worse, private health data is being sold to companies inentionally! Also, some Mac email clients have been harvesting our data to sell to markets, but don’t go to Windows 10! That has been awash with recent controversy! […]

Local Windows 10 Search Breaks in Network Flaw

Local Windows 10 Search Breaks in Network Flaw Today in Privacy News, The Ashley Madison hack comes back for money, #Ring allows us to opt out of police video requests, web browser privacy is a fractured thing, but #Avast will not delete the data they collected. Our feature story is that local #Windows search stopped […]

Forced to Install Location Tracking Apps

Today in privacy news, Firefox data reveals that is shares the telemetry data it collects with marketing companies, Avast Antivirus caught in a data selling spree and two nation states are now rolling out live facial ID alearting police ot POIs. But if they just forced everyone to install apps, they would know where everyone […]

Jeff Bezos’s Leaky Phone

This week in Privacy News, Apply gives us an update on the ‘you turned off data location wrong’ case, EU looks to temp ban facial ID, Google makes it easier to click on search ads, and Tinder wants to give us blue checkmarks for pictures of ourselves…But our feature story is a reminder from Jeff […]

Adblock Antitrust?

Adblock Antitrust? Today in Privacy News, #Verizon launches a new privacy-focused search engine…can we trust it? Advocates ask colleges to avoid facial recognition and #grindr shares profile data with hundreds of data analytics companies. Also, Ron Wyden asks the FTC if the #Adblocker industry is rife with anti-trust. These are more stories tonight! Apple Slashes […]

Weekly News Marathon

Obamaphones are Packed with Uninstallable Malware In privacy news this week, Firefox 72 brings some privacy defaults and blocks notifications, Google offers DuckDuckGo in EU for new Android devices, the senate looks at ring with mean eyes, and the Obamaphones come preinstalled with unremovable malware…hey, its a feature! #Firefox #ObamaPhone #DuckDuckGo Smart Tech is Coming […]

Wyze Leaks personal and Biometric Data

This week in Privacy News, protonmail to offer encrypted calender, and Google blocks Xiami cameras for sending data to the wrong account. Our featured story is that Wyze IoT covering a wide range of devices, leaks everything they had collected…will you give up IoT yet? #ProtonMail #Xiaomi #Wyze IRS Slaps TurboTax, May offer Competing Service […]

Surveilled by Evil Clowns

This week in privacy news, #totok is a new spying app…the government warns about it, but not about Facebook! Also, SF law goes so far that #iPhones were banned by city workers, Amazon is working on hand ID tech. Our final story is that giant #surveillance balloons with high res cameras on on the edge […]

The Unholy Trinity to Create IoT Standard

The Unholy Trinity to Create IoT Standard This week we get more updates on Ring doorbell breaches as thousands of user profiles leak online. Also, the FBI is asking for purchase and credit history of credit agences with Gag Orders, Google creates new addresses for Brazilians and more, but our feature story is the teaming […]


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