Bing User Data Leak

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Bing User Data Leak
This week in Privacy News, while Google and Apple try to clock data tracking, a new company pops up to collect it all. Also, Facebook finally gives you control over you photos on other peoples account and they also threaten to pull out of EU countries. Amazon have more tracking plans, and Bing user data leaks.

More Linux Devices For Sale
This week in Business News, ex-ebay employees plead guilty to bloody pig head, Microsoft purchases a big gaming company, and YouTube deploys more bots…after they prove to not work well! Also, Microsoft set to release Edge to Linux and source code to the surface duo, and more companies make Ubuntu distros available for public sale.

Tesla Drives at 93 mph While Driver Sleeps
This week in Security and Smart Tech News, emergency windows patches are required in government and Lokibot is on the rise. Also, traders will get VR helmets to simulate their insane workspace, Ring has a new creepy drone, and a Tesla leads cops on a high speed chase.

New CPR Advice: Let Him Die?!?
This week in SillyVille, Apple fixes the default app bug, Airlines start selling tickets to nowhere, and people keep buying the wrong XBox. Also, an old television killed broadband internet for a village, Microsoft Teams now has a break room, and new UK CPR advice: just let him die!

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