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We all have our favorite search engines that we like to use for searching but one disadvantage of Linux Mint is they have disabled the usual way to add your custom search engines to the Firefox browser.  On this video I will show you how to add any search engine to Firefox.  Joe Collins recently uploaded a similar video that gave me the idea for this video which is a little expansion beyond his video, but it was relevant for me because I recently fought Firefox on a new Linux Mint computer.

Firefox allows the user to add search engines on the stock program by clicking on the magnifying glass to the left of the search bar next to the URL bar on the browser.  When you click on the button you will see your default search engine on the top line, then you will have a row (or more) of other search engines.  You can type in a search term and then click on one of those icons to search with that engine instead of your default.  The last line will say Change Search Settings.  Clicking on that button will bring you to a screen where you can remove the search engines and select your default from the drop down box on the upper left of the main window.  To add new engines, there is a link that says Add more search engines…  Click on that link and it will take you to this link. You can then search out your favorite engines by finding them in the list, hovering over the item and clicking the Add to Firefox button.

Linux Mint unfortunately has changed the Add more search engines… link to go here instead. You can still add Google (the subject of Joe’s video), but the other search engine options are very limited. My problem at this point is not how to add the search engines but rather that some of the search engines give me the Linux Mint logo instead of the search engines logo.  There are two ways to fix this:

  1. The long away is to navigate to many search engines and you will notice a green plus mark on the magnifying glass.  That means if you click on the magnifying glass you will see a button to add that search engine to your list of search engines.
  2. Manually follow this link on Firefox to go to the normal Firefox page to add search engines and add your engines from there.

Now you can enjoy Linux Mint and have the search engines you want.  Don’t forget to set your default by following the Change Search Settings link after you have customized your search options.


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