Help with Linux

Are you interested in Linux but need some help? Switched to Linux can help you! We offer a consulting service to walk you through trying out and installing Linux. After a free consultation period, we will personally work with you to choose a Linux distro and desktop environment. Our consultations are by phone or video conferencing.

How Our Consultation Works

If you happen to be in central Pennsylvania we can meet directly with you, otherwise, we can communicate by phone or by video conference. You need to speak English and you will be responsible for any long distance charges or extra connection fees. Video conferencing of some form is preferred so our consultant can see what you are seeing. Video conferencing can be done with Skype, ooVoo, or with a screen sharing such as with a web camera. Notice that we are not responsible for any damages that could result from our consultation.

Payment Information

We bill on a hourly rate in 30 minute intervals. Our first 30 minutes is a free consultation with no obligation to continue. After the free consultation period we collect a payment via PayPal to continue our consultation. The amount we collect will be determined by the level of help you need. If we are unable to get Linux working on your computer, we will refund the fees involved for helping with the installation. Contact us for rates. Indicate in the comments your interest in a Linux consultation.

Other Information

Linux is not an overly complicated operating system but it is different than Windows and Mac. Like any new skill, it is not appropriate to think that you will be an expert in Linux immediately. Additionally, different people have differing aptitudes for technology, and different computers may run Linux differently. For these reasons, Switched to Linux is not responsible for any damage made to any computer during a phone consultation.

System Requirements

Linux does not have a specific system requirement, but generally any computer manufactured 2005 or later will likely run Linux. You can use our Contact form if you have a computer you would like to install Linux on but you are not sure. When you contact us, please indicate any information you know about the computer including the brand, the approximate year, any model numbers or service tags. We are glad to help you determine if you can install Linux on your computer.