Great Linux Places

A Brief Word

It is impossible to highlight all the great Linux websites on the web and I am sure I have missed some. The sites listed here make up a very small, incomplete list of great places to learn more about Linux. We will add more sites that we find relevant as we are made aware of them, so if you have a suggestion for a website to include in our lists, please let us know.


The most comprehensive website about Linux is DistroWatch . This site contains the trends and news about many distros, large and small, how frequently they are viewed, and any news about the distributions. The site is large and has a lot of information, so be warned that you may receive more information than you expect.

Top Popular Distros

Though it is true there are many Linux distributions, only a few distros make up the backbone of the many choices. Here are the most popular distros and where to get more specific information:

Linux Websites and Channels

Here are a few other websites or YouTube channels that talk about Linux: