Clearview AI Customer List Stolen

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Clearview AI Customer List Stolen
Today in Privacy News, an update to the mobile phone location tracking case. Also, Amazon opens the first cashierless full grocery store, Chrome deploys the contraversal deeplinking, another university is adopting digital IDs. Our final story is the contraversial Clearview AI had its customer list stolen.
#Chrome #Apple #Amazon

Walmart: One Stop Med Shop?
Today in Business News, TurboTax teams up with Credit Karma to combine two huge finacial companies into one. Also, NTSB bashes Tesla for failing to respond to Autopilot safety concerns, Etsy forces sellers to pay for advertising, and Walmart wants to provide a full range of medical services.
#Walmart #TurboTax #Tesla

Fluffy Feeder Fail
Today in Smart Tech News, Bird scooters entices businesses to allow scooter check-in, Wyza wants to be Alexa on your wrist, and a new Smart Gym Startup uses Microsoft technology. Two smart tech tools went down this week: Google Nest Cameras and PetNet Smart Feeders
#Petnet #NestCamera #Alexa

The Crappiest Subscription Service Ever
Today in SillyVille, Apple says that bad guys cannot use Apple Products, The Pope wants us to give up trolling for Lent, a new kickstarter product stores your ear buds on your wrist, and the $400 wheels for the Mac do not have locks. Also, a peanut butter company weighs off gif/jig pronounciation, and a new company has the crappiest subscription service ever.
#Dyper #Apple #Lent







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