Car Infotainment Systems are Dangerous

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New Router DNS Hijacking
This week in Security News, Chinese hacking is on the rise, but there is not much we can do about it. Also, a Netflix bug allowing cookie logins to be shared was leaked online, a new virus is targeting Middle East industry, and a new router DNS hijacking is tied to current events.
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Car Infotainment Systems are Dangerous
This week in Business News, the Apple store opens in 20 new countries, cell phone companies do not want the new snapdragon chips, the Play Store has more malware again, and speech recognition is racist. Also, a new research study demonstrates that infotainment systems are much worse than drunk driving.
#Snapdragon #Infotainment #SSDs

Ransomware Gangs Don’t Keep Their Promise
Streaming services around the world are cutting their quality back to save bandwidth, Instagram wants friends to see the same posts at the same time to encourage social distancing, the FBI arrest a man claiming to sell an anti-virus cure. Also, a ransomware gang did not keep a promise to not attack hospitals during the infection.
#Netflix #Instagram #Ransomware

Quarantine Enforcing Drones
Today in our coming dystopia, mobile carriers deliver push notifications warning people to stay inside, Silicon Valley emergency workers wear rings to track their hourly health, telecoms help governments track sick people, but when you are found outside, the drones will come for you!
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