Apple Made Facebook Sad

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Apple Made Facebook Sad
This week in Privacy news, #ProctorU leaks a ton of data, Android is pushing an earthquake detection service, and #TikTok collected MAC addresses of phones. Also, VoLTE is not as secure as though and Apple makes #Facebook with new iOS14 shenanigans.

Firefox Lays Off 250
This week in Business News, vaping is associated with covid-19, #Walmart takes on Amazon, and California may shut down #Uber and Lyft. Also, private movie screenings are available, iOS may undercut news websites, and #Firefox lays off 250 employees.

People Actually What These Smart Techs?
This week in Smart Tech News, GM has Super Cruise, but it is subscription after three years. Also, an online connected Rubik’s Cube allows online competition. A survey in UK showed that most people do not trust smart home tech, but another study showed some services many people are actually looking forward to using!

A Blockbuster Sleepover
This week in SillyVille News, $20,000 Twitch shopping spree is mostly refunded, Kanye West blames Apple for losing the campaign cutoff date, and Apple sues another fruit-logo business. Also, Boeing still updates with floppy disks and Blockbuster teams up with Airbnb to have a sleepover in the remaining store.

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