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Switched to Linux is written by Thomas Murosky, a broad spectrum computer consultant. The aim is to help people learn about the Linux platform and to make a transition to experimenting with Linux operating systems. Tom owns a web development company called Western Mountain Web Design, where he helps small businesses get off the ground. He has experience in most server technologies including AWS deployment and management, multiple CMS platforms including WordPress and he uses frameworks such as Bootstrap streamline sites for responsive design. Tom has built websites for small businesses in over 30 states in the US and has also worked on some larger projects as a part of larger consulting teams. Formally, Tom is trained in the physical and biological sciences and spent the first part of his career as a college professor in Pennsylvania and Wyoming.  His interests are primarily in computer technologies, he but also enjoys writing on his Christian blog, studying nutrition, and looking for other ways to streamline life with computer technologies.

Tom uses Linux Mint for his travel / backup production web design computer, Archlabs for the office general purpose computer, OSMC as a home media center, and OpenMediaVault as a custom in-house file and media server.  Tom can be reached with questions on our Contact page.


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