Another Linux Site?

Yes, another Linux website!  Unlike many informational Linux websites, we do not want to get into full, nitty-gritty details about specs or other details that may be beyond the scope of the average computer user.  Ultimately we are creating another Linux website because we feel very strongly that the typical computer user should consider switching to the Linux operating system for their basic computer needs.  Linux is no longer a difficult operating system requiring advanced knowledge of command lines. For this reason, personal and business users should consider switching to Linux for their regular computer tasks.

The main purpose of this website is to bring awareness about the Linux platform to people around the world and secondly, to help people make a transition to an open and free operating system.  This site is full of tips and tricks, resolutions to some problems we have encountered, and details about the most common distributions to help you make a decision about the best Linux build for you.

The site author have not been using Linux for a long time compared to many other supporters, but his short time using this system has been full of amazing surprises.  With Linux Tom has been able to build an awesome home media center, a personal cloud storage system, and he has rejuvenated some older computer systems for production computers.  The tips on this site will include those builds and more.  We are confident that if you switch to Linux, you will also be happy, even if you only need to surf the web and check email.