America is Doomed!

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America is collapsing under its decadence.  We have reached a pinnacle of technology, commerce, leisure, science, politics, and industry unrivaled by any civilization in the past.  We have preached toleration, legislated nutritional standards, and pushed education to the very limits of human potential.  We have access to factories that produce over 180 Million tons of food annually, and technology that allows teachers to teach students from anywhere.  Our doctors have enlightened our minds to the depth of medicine.  Doctors can even reproduce images in the minds of their subjects and reprogram them to break horrible habits.  Our available medicine allows us to work while in pain, and surgeries extend our lives.  But still, America is Doomed!

“You are what you eat” is echoed through our lives, often to teach us about eating.  We all know we should eat more veggies, but the Lay’s taste so good!  Why can’t I stop after just one?  Factually, we have been told what to eat in terms of useless numbers and ignored portions, and though we know what is best, we consistently choose what is worse.  “You are what you eat” so cut out all the fat we are told.  But truly, the more we remove fat from our diets, the greater quantity of sugar we consume.  Sugar is fat free…true, but it drives insulin and insulin stores the fat manufactured in the liver from all the sugar!  Heart disease is not correlated with eating real butter.  As Americans eat less butter, the heart attack rates actually increase.  We have done a perfect job of excising the fat from our diets, even the obese rarely consume fat.  We are instructed to watch our calories and portions.  We are told to eat more veggies, but those veggies are processed and packaged, devoid nature’s nutrients and serving our bodies no better than the fizzy cola we gulp down in ever-increasing quantities.  We have been sold a bill of poisoned goods that artificial butter is made from vegetables, so therefore it is good. High-fructose corn syrup is also made from vegetables, so what does that say about Pepsi?  We are taught to watch the fat, count the calories, so the companies acquiesce and sell us exactly what we learned: Food that is totally fat free, only a hundred calories, and addictively produced to the perfect bliss point so we buy again and again and again.

While our science trumps our faith, our industrialized world is sickening with every generation.  While we stand at medical triumphs, the kids born after the year 2000 are expected to have a lower life expectancy than their parents.  Kids develop diabetes the previous generations only observed at middle age.  The famous ‘beer belly’ perfectly replicates itself on 35% of America’s children because they consume not soda, but flavored milk and juice, compliments of the free school breakfast program.  Our health degenerates with each passing year to the total detriment of society.  In every industrialized nation, people move from being underfed to overfed, but those we overfeed with the Diet of the West are undernourished.  We eat until we can no longer cram anything else in our bodies but when we finish we find we have not even consumed a fraction of the phytonutrients, vitamins, or minerals we need to be healthy, so we get sick.  We are chronically ill people dragging our zombified bodies to dreary work day after day in a neuropharmacological stuper.  Our diet makes us ill, but surely we could exercise!

Our modern life means we sit at a computer more often than we ever have before.  In almost all sectors of the economy computers have increased our ‘down time’…meaning the time we spend in chairs.  Some offices even have conference calls from their own cubicles instead of walking to the conference center.  Of course we drive through the bank so our car can visit its real owner, we drive through the fast food line, and even drug stores are putting in a drive-thru line.  As a nation of inert adults we are told to exercise more so instead of trying to fit such fitness into our normal life, we need to attempt to carve out more time from our hurried lives to find a gym, and of course charge the membership fee.  One place I used to live displays a sign at the start of the sidewalk, “No trespassing”…at a sidewalk…to a city street…paid for by my taxes!  What is this?  A discouragement from walking?  The ability to throw out anyone walking down the street in the yuppie’s otherwise perfect neighborhood?  But this is what our society produces: a world where everything is artificial.  We do not eat food, we eat food-like chemicals, and we cannot just walk down the street or build exercise into our natural life, our exercise must be in a gym for a set period of time, and with a trainer.  Even children cannot play outside anymore without being perfectly confined to small city parks.  Is it any wonder why we are getting ill?  But at least we have health care!

Yes, we do have health care, and thanks to lobbyists in the health care industry, every person in America is forced to buy insurance or be taxed… ahem… penalized.  Of course, once we all got insurance, the health care prices skyrocketed because everyone could pay, because everyone is insured!  Our health care industry price-gouges people who are too terrified to make proper decisions.  Even more, often times the decision of how and when a person is treated is not made by the physician but by the peddlers of the drugs themselves.  We are not counseled in how to get healthy, but how to take the pills for every real or manufactured ailment!  After all, dead people are not profitable nor are healthy people.  But those kept in a chronic state of sickness pour billions of dollars into the pockets of pharmaceutical shareholders like Mylan!

Food, health, medicine…education.  We need to be educated, and America makes sure it is so.  High school is no longer enough; we are programmed from birth the consequences manifested by failing to attend the university.  But College is a costly endeavor, “the most valuable thing you will buy”, said my college president during our commencement.  I wondered why, if it were so valuable, it would take ten years to pay it off.  Of course I was from a previous generation when college was cheap!  Many students now with their excessive loans and crippled by a poor job market will pay off their student loans about the time they are planning their burial plot!  I was never told of the many jobs I was disqualified for by pursuing my doctor’s degree.  Add to this insult the failure of this country to understand education, and we are in a very sad state of employment.  I recall one time merely wanting to work…to eat and pay my mortgage, so I applied at the local hospital as for a laboratory technician position.  At least that would have given me something!  I was shocked by the phone call I received.  I do not have a hospital laboratory certification so I am not qualified…really!  I have a Ph…flipin’ D in LABORATORY WORK and I am not qualified to merely work in a lab in a hospital?!?  I can create, run, analyze, and interpret DNA and protein gels.  I know how to perform microscale subcloning, protein isolation, nuclear cytosolic extraction, bacteria and eukaryotic cell culture, PCR and Real Time PCR, among a myriad of other laboratory functions.  What purpose is my Ph.D.?  To only teach others how to be good little boys and girls of Big Brother?  I want to work!  I only want to work!  I have played the game, finished high school, college in four years, earned a doctors, where are the jobs?  I have hunted and not seen!

Like most people, I just want to work.  I want to pay the never-ending bills of my rent and food.  I want to entertain myself, but just a little.  I want to be able to look to the future and know there is some money set aside for retirement.  The cost of living has risen far above wage increase for too many years.  I recently looked for a job…any job that would just add a few bucks into the account.  I was offered a position for $9.50/hour.  That is sad because 16 years ago I worked in a similar job for $8.75/hr.  Are you saying that 16 years, a Ph.D., two businesses, two professorships, and countless other skills are only worth $0.75 per hour after 16 years?  Right when I quit that $8.75/hr job to pursue my graduate studies I moved into a 550 square foot apartment for $525/mo.  Sixteen years later, that apartment is renting for $790/mo.  In other words, the pay differential increased $130/mo but the rent on the same apartment increased $265/mo.  What do you think gas, food, phone, and insurance did during that 16 years?  I turned down the job, but do not think I am lazy.  I have worked contracting, lumberjacking, all manner of restaurant work, and self taught myself my entire current occupation (which fortunately I do not need to look for work anymore!).  But cost of living is increasing way faster than wages.

Of course, many find themselves in my position where money is tight, food and gas are required, and for some reason the landlord and IRS both want paid on time, so we are marketed a great way to buy our necessities and pleasures now but pay for them later.  The sad reality is later never comes and we live our lives perpetually in the red.  We get our week’s vacation but have no more money than we did last week, so we charge our vacation, too.  Go to school to get a good job…debt.  You NEED a car and a car payment is a way of life…debt.  Get that credit card for emergencies.  After all, you will get 1% cash back on everything you buy!  We have certainly been sold a bill of expensive goods!  We go down to the bank and drop some cash in the savings account.  Remember when you used to get some interest?  I even recall times I would make a dollar or two a year with the amount of money I put in there!  Now I get charged for not having enough money, so I leave the money in the bank and graciously let them lend it all back to me at a 8% if I get a car loan…15-23% for a credit card!  So we lend them our money for negative money and they lend us back our money at up to 23.99%!  Great deal!  We are drowning in debt!  In America today the average student loan balance is $35,000.  The average household has over $8000 on a credit card, the average car payment is $500 per month.  And we still sign up for crap we do not need on auto-payment on the credit card, forget about it, and cannot figure out how their 1% cash back is not helping us get ahead.

Wow we have a lot going on and I have just scratched the surface!  The bottom line is that I just want to live.  I want to be able to do some productive work, pay my bills, and a have a little extra for a rainy day.  But instead our costs are skyrocketing, our good jobs are in decline, and the pressure is on for more and more companies to deceptively market our particular weaknesses to us over and over until we buy.  Make it stop!

So while we have reached a pinnacle of success, we are doomed and dying.  Though we produce 180 million tons of food annually in America, 60 million tons, nearly one third, is simply discarded in the trash!  The sadder reality yet is while a hungry beggar sits upon the concrete outside Burger King looking for change, the restaurant cooks more food than it sells is mandated to count it as waste to take a tax deduction and throw that food away.  Even worse, powers that be sometimes throw away perfectly good milk, cheese, and produce simply to keep the prices constant.  While we have access to more scientific research methods than ever, scientific ‘fact’ is more often bought and sold like other commodities, but those ‘facts’ fester into policies imposed on our children.  We have the best health care in the world but most of America is in a state of chronic illness.  America is doomed.

But lest you think this is about those evil companies and evil politicians, I invite you to take inventory of yourself.  The CEO of Netflix would not be so comfortable if we stopped auto-billing their streaming service.  Do you really need that level of access to Hollywood entertainment or would it be better to not sit at another screen?  Are you supporting Nabisco by buying their addictive Cheez-its or does the local farmer have a customer in you? Are you at the mercy of the advertisers who are using manipulative methods to sell you junk or do you minimize your exposure to screens by only using the cell phone as a tool?  Only part of the problem is out there, most of it lay in our hearts and habits.  I am not bothered by the student loan crisis on a personal level, and I am not about to buy a car on payments.  I certainly will not send money every month to a streaming service, they have nothing worth it enough to me.  Let’s stand up for ourselves and help spread the word.  We do not need to let America fall!  We can make it great again, but only when we start to embrace what is really important in the scheme of life.


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